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4 Effective Moves For Better Posture

4 Effective Moves For Better Posture

BY Tifani Esco

PUBLISHED ON Jun, 14, 2024

4 Movements for Better Posture

In a world where most of us sit for more than 4 hours a day, it is crucial that we actively work against it by utilizing movements that strengthen the muscles to keep good posture.

In this article we are going to go over the best moves to improve your posture.

1.Trap-3 Raise:

  • Benefit
    • Targets the upper traps which are largely responsible for holding your shoulders up.
  • Recommended Method
    • It is ideal to train Trap-3 Raises on a dedicated bench
    • Doing this movement on a Back Extension machine will increase the tension on the core, posterior chain and the Trap-3 muscles. Overtime, this variation will be more beneficial as you will be getting the most out of the movement.


  • To Start
    • If you do not have a back extension machine (yet!) Then you can simply grab some light weights, and start doing this movement on a wall.
    • Simple lean your butt onto a wall, hinge forward slightly and raise your arms into the shape of a Y overhead while keeping them straight.

Below is a video of how to start doing Trap-3 Raises today if you do not have a bench: 

2. QL Raise:

  • Benefit:

    • Targets the deep core muscle that connects the low back to the top of the hips.
    • Strengthening the QL will increase core and spine stability, while also helping you to maintain an upright posture.
  • Recommended Method:

    • Performing the QL raise on a back Extension machine like shown below will help to bias the QL muscle so that you can get the most benefit out of the movement.
    • The Nordic Hyper GHD is the perfect piece of equipment to try these on because not only is it stable, it is super comfortable.
  • To start

    • You can start performing this movement right now by standing up right with your working side foot slightly forward.
    • On the side that you are working, place that hand behind your head with your elbow pointing up.
    • Start by bending towards the opposite side, as if doing a regular side bend. You'll feel a strong stretch on the working side. Once you feel the stretch, you've reached the bottom of the movement. Return to the starting position to complete one repetition
    • If you do not have a back extension machine at home, no worries! You can start these today standing, with a small dumbbell or no weight at all! See below: 

3. 45 Degree Back Extension:

  • Benefit
    • Engages the lower back muscles and hamstrings making the posterior chain strong and balanced with the front of our bodies.
    • A stronger low back means you will be stronger in positions where the low back could be compromised. Such as sitting, standing or lifting things for extended periods of time.
  • Recommended Method
    • If you already have the Nordic Hyper GHD at home, then adjust it to 45 degree back extension and follow the form tips given in the video here
  • To start
    • Establish a comfortable position on your Back Extension machine where your feet are locked in securely and your hips are pressed into the pads.
    • Start the movement by hinging forward with your spine extended and your legs completely straight.
    • At the bottom of the movement you should feel a slight stretch in your lower back or hamstrings. Sometimes you might feel both.
    • Start with just bodyweight and work towards being able to do 20 pain free reps non-stop before adding some weight.

4. Couch Stretch:

  • Benefit

    • Stretches the hip flexors, addressing tightness that can affect posture.
    • Can help fix imbalances between sides of the hip by allowing you to work one hip at a time.
  • Recommended Method

    • Using the hip thrust attachment on the Nordic Hyper GHD will be one of the best ways you can perform this movement. It will give you a comfortable base that is height adjustable for different people.
  • To Start

    • If you have a couch, chair, or bench that is cushioned, you can also use that to perform the couch stretch.
    • The working legs ankle will rest on the back of the couch or machine  like shown above. 

 When you incorporate these 4 moves for better posture into your routine, you will be actively working against all of the sitting and scrolling that many of us do in day to day life.

The Trap-3 Raise, QL Raise, 45 degree back extension and Couch stretch will work to improve your posture fast!

Always ensure that you are working at your pain free ability level when training, and always take your time with progressing the movement.

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